NH Landscaper, The Shrub Guy™,
(603) 889-2251, Nashua, NH 03060
NH Landscaper, The Shrub Guy™,
(603) 889-2251, Nashua, NH 03060

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We prune & shape shrubs
all year long!

Commercial and Residential Landscape Design & Maintenance

Commercial & residential landscaping and landscape maintenance for cities, towns, schools and municipalities is our specialty. We are professional landscape contractors; we trim, mow, prune, cable, transplant, design, remove, plant and shape, shrubs, trees, bushes, hedges, and fruit trees of all shapes and sizes! We mow fields and roadsides and in the Winter we remove the snow and ice.

  • Commercial & residential landscaping, landscape design and maintenance at very fair prices.
  • Brush Hog / field mowing services.
  • Highway / town street mowing.
  • Snow removal / Seasonal maintenance services.
  • Bids & pricing available upon request, contact us here.
  • We only use farm fresh, nursery fresh and seasoned materials in all designs. Only the best products and materials are used in our projects.
  • We recommend and do business at Countrybrook Farms Nursery & Garden Center in Hudson, NH. They always have a GREAT selection of materials.

Let The Sun Shine In!
We do total and full renovations of properties. That means over grown shrubs, tree limbs hanging to low, beds and vines out of control. We take care of them! Pruning, cutting back, shaping, sawing, what ever it takes to get it done. All material either chipped up or taken to a dump when done.

Air flow through the area is better. More sunlight comes in. Now open spaces get more sunlight which means dryer areas, less mold, less fungi. Also fewer bugs too because all growth is away from the building. A whole new property. Can you imagine a property left to grow for 20-years without any real control? We've fixed them, we can fix yours.
We specialize in this type of work!                   


If you have a large field or pasture that grass and brush have overgown and you want to keep it under control, we will come in and clean it up for you.
We have a 6 ft. Brush Hog and a 2011 37HP John Deere tractor and all the attachments necessary. Call for a free estimate.

Street Side Mowing
We also mow along streets and roads to assist cities and towns to keep the road side clear of heavy grass and brush.

We will prune and clean up shrubs (depending on the season) and remove the leaves and debris in Spring or Fall. Call for a free estimate.

Removing small cores of soil from your lawn reduces soil compaction and promotes root growth for healthier grass!

What is Aeration?
Aeration is the naturally occurring process of air exchange between the soil and its surrounding atmosphere. Practically speaking, aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve natural soil aeration. It is commonly called "core aeration" in the lawn service industry and you may have heard of it as coring, spiking. (Charge by the square foot. Call for price)

LAWN OVERSEEDING (Spring/Summer/Fall)
Gives your lawn thicker growth, better color and greater resistance to disease and drought.

What is overseeding?
Over seeding is the planting of seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf or the soil. It fills in bare spots and improves the density of turf and enhances the lawn's color. A perfect candidate for over seeding is when a lawn is old, looks worn out and it needs growing amounts of water and fertilizer to thrive. Is disease or insect prone. (Charge by the square foot. Call for price)

Rejuvenation of beds, recut and edge beds, deep fresh mulch added, old material taken out fresh installed. Your choice of mix, for 1½ inch depth.

Annuals, Perennials, and Creations; often unusual.
I can provide a cost breakdown with a detailed computer generated image of your ideas and mine, for your landscape design before doing anything (used on designs of over 13 shrubs and up). No extra charge.

Care After Planting

Your job is not done when the plants are in the ground. Ongoing care is important to get your planting off to a good start!

Watering, mulching, and pruning are important to having healthy plantings. Even established trees, shrubs, and other plantings can become moisture stressed, no matter how long they've been in your landscape.

Download our Planting Tips guide for more information on plant care.
Guide is in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF).
Need Adobe Reader?   » Get it here «

Why Use Mulch?
A 1 to 2-inch layer of mulch covering the soil surface will cool the soil and help it retain moisture. In fact, soil that's one inch below a layer of mulch can be up to 13 degrees cooler than unmulched soil at the same depth. Mulch reduces weed growth and organic mulch improves the fertility of the soil as it decomposes. It also prevents hardening of the soil surface, allowing water to penetrate to the root zone. Finally, the dark color and uneven surface of mulch limits reflectivity. Sand and clay soils can be highly reflective and bounce heat and light up onto plants. The fragmented surface of mulch reduces reflectivity and cools the adjacent area. Shredded or chipped bark or compost make excellent mulches and will help you conserve water.

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OSHA Construction
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