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(603) 889-2251, Nashua, NH 03060
NH Landscaper, The Shrub Guy™,
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I was born in Atlanta Georgia. I'm a mixed breed from the Nashua shelter and my adoptive Dad is The Shrub Guy. He was born in NYC, but has lived in the Nashua area for more than 25 years! Here are some tips and information for you. Please remember, you can call for free information anytime on planting and pruning. See you soon!
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Winter Plant Care and Pruning Tips (More Seasonal Landscape & Lawn Care Tips)

Winterizing Roses: Did you know?
For cool climates:
You will need to remove any old mulch from under and around the roses.
Before the first frost - spread fresh mulch, chopped leaves or wood chips.
Water the roses well.
Once the ground freezes it is a good time to add more mulch.
Continue to add to the mound when it continues to freeze. It will eventually go right to the top of the plant. Sometimes it is easier to enclose the rosebush in a cylinder and fill it with mulch.

Nov, Dec, Jan.
Pruning Shrubs and Trees.
Most trees and shrubs can be pruned anytime of the year. This can be done annually. Fall/Winter is a good time as the trees and shrubs go dormant and also easier to prune when there is no leaves and you can see the shape of the plant.

Reasons for Pruning:
» To train the plant
» To maintain plant health or shrubs
» To improve the quality of flowers, fruit, foliage or stems for new season
» To restrict growth/or control a shape you might like

Pruning should also be done correctly. There are different techniques used for different plants/trees/shrubs. Make sure your pruning shears are sharp and make all cuts clean and smooth. First remove broken and dead branches. When cutting back small branches choose one that forms an angle of no more than 45 degrees. Make slanting cuts removing limbs that grow upward. Thick heavy branches of more than 1 ½ inches in diameter, use a three-part cut. The first is to saw an undercut from the bottom. A second cut from the top about 3 inches from the undercut and let the branch fall away. The last cut, the resulting stub can be cut back to the collar of the branch.
It makes a perfect cut every time, smooth, clean, neat and flat. The Shrub Guy uses this method always.

Monthly Tip:
We at TaXus shape and prune all winter long. Give us a call for some great winter prices. Also when spring comes all you have to do is add mulch or stone to your beds because we clean and edge all winter months also, or have us do that too.

What's coming...
Everyone at The Shrub Guy/TaXus company wishes you, your family and all your friends Happy Holidays, good health and much success in 2015!

Call now to learn about our Winter Pruning Service!
Yes, we work late fall and during winter on shrubs. It's really one of the best times to prune and shape for next season.


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